Finding a potential husband and wife can be very difficult when you are a Christian and abide by the Lord’s teachings that pertain to our relatinships. It is important to Christians and mandated by scripture that we must marry someone who is also of the Christian faith.

It is our responsibility to find a mate and act in accordance with the Bible and it’s teachings. Because Christians are prohibited from engaging in sexual conduct such as kissing, necking or any other form of sexual expression, it often leads to hurried marriages where they are in a hurry to consumate their marriage before they really know what the other person is about. It is not a good idea to assume, just because they share your religious beliefs that they are who they say they are and actually do share you religous belief system. How are you to be sure in this day and age that they are not telling you what you want to hear, this is a very big possibility in today’s world, everyone, especially the Christian flock need to be aware of this and how it may make Chrisitian people vulnerable to people who are up to no good.

Christians, because of the scriptures policy on divorce, must really be careful before they enter into any relationship. It must glorify and celebrate the Lord and be pleasing to yourself as well as to God. You also need to keep in mind, just because they say they are Christian, does not preclude them from your researching what they say to confirm. Be sure to step back from the relationship, before you do your research, and confirm that you are doing everything for God’s glory. It is important that you glorify the Lord in everything you do.

Remember his will and you will be fine.

So you have found your perfect Christian mate and now you wonder what is next. Hopefully you have found him in the sancity of the church, but it is possible that you have found him or her online or on a dating site. If you have, do yourself a favor and start researching this person. Type their first and last name into your favorite people search site, then enter their number in a telephone site. Compare notes from what these two databases tell you against what the person is telling you. If they do not match up, then you may have a problem, look into it.

Remember, you are driven by God’s will, you will eventually find the right person if it suits His plan.

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